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2017-06-28 17:52:42


2017-06-28 17:52:42

michael kors tote bag 2011 In other words, the government is left out of it. Why do you think it’s so difficult to indict cops?In general termichael kors outlet coupon ms, not talking about the specific cases, police officers are making split second decisions on what they perceive to be happening. That infmichael kors outlet coupon ormation was not used in the trial.,michael kors tote bag yellow We were never really able to get it out, it wmichael kors outlet coupon asn’t properly introduced in the trial [that found the policy unconstitutional in 2013]. And I think in grand juries across the country, there probably is a tendency to give police officers the benefit of the doubt, particularly when they’re reacting in their official capacity to a situation that they may not have all the information on. And it depends on individual circumstances, but I think in a general sense they probably do, given the fact that there are also civil remedies that are available to a plaintiff or a plaintiff’s family if the officer had been wrong.michael kors watch band replacement parts

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  • Actualité du master - Publié le 22/12/15
    Actualité du master - Publié le 21/11/15
    Le Master Droit Pénal Financier tient à exprimer sa solidarité avec les victimes des attentats de Paris du 13 novembre.